My Sundaze with Yellacatt

Say what you will about sound baths and Tibetan singing bowls, but music’s self-created pop muse – Yellacatt, makes this not just part of her unique sound but part of her everyday life.

As a musician, she harnessed the power of creating a great sound that resonates with its listeners. Yellacatt derives her musical inspiration from various genres that surprisingly work harmoniously together.

As a result, you see the glamorous sultry muse creating electropop divine femininity in songs such as The Show. But behind the plumes and high-heels, Yellacatt is Daniella White – a constant creative who likes to relax with her dog, ChooChi, and looks up to Galadriel, the Elven Queen-bee from Lord Of The Rings.

For our first weekly column of Sundaze, our Editor, Cyan, sits down with Yellacatt and talks about pet peeves, how to de-stress and more.

What are you most grateful for?
My family, the forest, ChooChi ( my pomeranian) , music, and friends.

Sweet or Savoury?
It’s a toss-up! It Depends on my mood.

Most profound learning experience ever?
My sound healing training with Tom Kenyon in 2005. It changed my life and opened me up to a whole new way of playing with sound.

Name the biggest pet peeve you have. It can be anything, and it’s no-holds-barred.
Snoring!! It’s a deal breaker. I’ll sleep on the bathroom floor to get away from that noise, haha!!

How do you prepare yourself before shows?
I start with the ritual of make-up. It always calms me. Then drinking tea, warm up my voice, stretch, and do a grounding meditation.

How do you use Sundays to de-stress from work?
I’m actually usually working Sundays doing sound baths.

Who is your fictional superhero/idol?
Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. She is full of power and is one with nature. My kind of gal.

What is your biggest weakness and strength?
Biggest weakness: fashion. My greatest strength: is my voice.

What’s your hidden and weird talent that no one, not even your partner knows about?
I can talk/sing through my nose with my mouth closed. It’s hilarious. I just spontaneously started doing it when I was little. God knows why!

What is a trend that you wish to obliterate forever?
Sagging jeans. Showing the world your underwear as your pants are hanging off your ass has always mystified me.

What did you want to do with your life at the age of 14?
At 14 I was a springboard diver, and I just wanted to be the best I could be at that. I loved it!

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