“I Want You For You”: An Anthem of Love by Isabelle Fries and Seth Baer

Music is a powerful force that has the ability to move and inspire people in countless ways. It is a unique artistry that can bring out the deepest emotions from within and evoke lasting memories. Whether it be for relaxation, motivation, or even entertainment, music affects us all differently and can truly turn a bad day into a good one. Music can unite us in times of struggle and provide us with an escape from reality during difficult periods.

Isabelle Fries is a singer-songwriter who has made it her mission to empower and support others through music. After frequent visits to Uganda, since she was 15, she joined The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) at 18. Then she announced the Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community Foundation during a performance at their yearly iKnow Concert Series in 2017. Through this initiative, Isabelle’s foundation works to bring extracurricular activities like music and sports into classrooms and introduce improved recycling initiatives.

She combines the influence of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Sir Elton John, The Lumineers, Tame Impala, and Maggie Rodgers to create something unique and captivating that resonates with her audience. In addition to recording and performing her music, Fries also dedicates much of her time to volunteering with organizations that seek to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Aside from her music career, Isabelle also works as a teacher for young kids. Through this work, she finds immense satisfaction and fulfillment as she looks beyond herself and realizes the impact she is having on others. Above all else, it’s Fries’ warmth and compassion toward others which drive her as an artist. She genuinely believes that music can be a powerful tool for connecting us all. As such, each of her performances seeks to bridge this divide by bringing people together to celebrate the human experience.

Isabelle Fries and Seth Baer have teamed up to create their much-anticipated single “I Want You For You”, which promises to expand Isabelle’s impressive portfolio of songs totaling 8 million streams across her various social media accounts. This song marks the first time the two artists have collaborated vocally, having previously co-written songs together.

In a joint statement, they expressed that this song was close to their hearts and was meant to spread an important message: that people should be respected for who they are inside and out rather than just based on their physical qualities. As Isabelle and Seth continue to show us through their music that no matter where we come from or our backgrounds, we can still come together to create something powerful.

Isabelle and Seth have crafted an emotionally charged song with their latest hit “I Want You For You”, delivering a poignant message of love and compassion. Through heartfelt lyrics such as “I wish you could see yourself the way that I do” and a calming rhythm, Isabelle and Seth have created a powerful anthem that speaks volumes about the importance of accepting and loving people for who they are. The song serves as an honest reminder to think outside the societal box of what beauty is supposed to look like, while reaffirming that it’s okay to be different and embracing the unique differences of other people. By adding this sensitivity to their music, Isabelle and Seth created a track that speaks to the heart while providing an uplifting atmosphere.

Our world today can often feel like a superficial place where worth and esteem are measured by the number of likes and shares we receive on social media. “I Want You For You” represents unconditional love, which means appreciating someone without any limitations or expectations. This is a compelling message, especially in these troubled times when it seems difficult to trust or open up to others without fear or insecurity. The song also expresses that everyone deserves to be loved purely and unconditionally, regardless of background or circumstances. It provides an important reminder that everyone deserves pure love and kindness.

For this song, Isabelle has collaborated extensively with Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer and mixer Rob Chiarelli along with Nate Highfield and Kaelie Highfield. “I Want You For You” is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

Isabelle plans to continue honing her skills and advancing her music career in the future. More than that, she is eager and excited to continue her humanitarian work through music.

The song “I Want You For You” is available for streaming on Spotify, YouTube, and other major platforms.

For more on Isabelle Fries, visit her website at www.isabellefries.com

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