Fashion Muse and Naked Species’ Founder Joy Corrigan is a Boss Babe

Superstar model, and actress Joy Corrigan distinguished herself in her chosen fields as a formidable force on screen and now as a budding fashion entrepreneur. Hailing from small beginnings, the model rose from small-town obscurity to starring in films with Arnold Schwarzenegger, most notably in the film AFTERMATH and Reprisal starring Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis.

From Miami and New York to Los Angeles, Joy Corrigan’s star is about to hit the global stage, and there is no time like the present. After a long stint on the East Coast, she signed with The Marilyn Agency. Later, Joy was drawn to the West and moved to Newport Beach, California. Her runway credits include designers like Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood. She is a known face on Guess campaigns, Frankie’s Bikinis, and Urban Decay.

Later, she collaborated with her sister, Gina Corrigan Smith, and they founded NAKED SPECIES. This clothing brand line offers everyday necessities with a modern street-style twist. Naked Species incorporates art and awareness into every garment, making “basics” stand out from being “just basic.” The two share a passion for art, fashion, and preserving the planet’s many animal species. Joy designed each piece with her style and skill so that everyone who wears them can proudly show their support for endangered animals.

To end the extinction of endangered species, 10% of the profits from sales will go to a non-profit organization called the Wild Tomorrow Fund.

What led you to start your line? Can you tell us about the new collection?

JC: I have wanted to start my clothing line since childhood. With years of experience in the fashion industry, I took that knowledge and my passion for creating Naked Species. I design every piece to stand out and bring awareness. With every purchase, we donate to Wild Tomorrow Fund, an incredible African charity making changes and helping save beautiful endangered species.

I’m very excited about the new collection. With a retro outer space theme, all the pieces are named after planets and are bringing the 90s back. The Neptune bikini and reversible bucket hat have a retro blue heart pattern that will take you back in time! For this collection, I wanted to focus on one particular endangered species, the sloth. One of our most popular designs in this collection is this Space Sloth Tee. This oversized unisex tee is 100% cotton in faded black. It has a cute space sloth design with text saying, “The Pygmy three-toed sloth is critically endangered, so we’ll be relocating to Mars.”

What was the inspiration behind “Naked Species”?

JC: I’ve always been an artist that loved design and style. When I was a child, I would sketch clothing designs, mark up and cut my clothing to make it my own. After years in the fashion industry as a model, I started to gain a following. It just felt right to make my mission to save beautiful endangered animals!

I wanted to use my voice to make a difference. I designed swimwear, streetwear, and unisex pieces that push the envelope in fashion that are edgy, bright, sexy, and most of all, pieces that bring awareness to global issues. Naked Species is a combination of my passion for protecting endangered species and my love for design.

With today’s generation being more open and accepting of fashion, how do you think women can be more confident in what they wear?
JC: We see a shift in the industry where people choose to wear what makes them feel confident and authentically themselves, even when that changes daily. People are no longer confined to one style or fashion rule and embrace styles that showcase their personality’s many facets. I encourage everyone to wear what makes them feel like the best version of themselves because nothing looks more striking on someone than confidence.

One of the most significant discussions in the fashion industry is the use of animal skin and animal fur. How do you want to address this?

JC: It saddens me that brands still use animal skin and fur to make fashion collections. As designers and consumers, we have access to many different fabrics and materials. With this accessibility and power, we are responsible for creating and choosing ethical fashion without using animals.

Learning that you plan to donate 10% of the proceeds to Wild Tomorrow Fund, where did the passion for helping animals start?
JC: I grew up on a farm in a small town in North Carolina. We had many animals as pets, and I loved caring for them! I would wake up every morning, feed them, milk the goats, and ride my horse! We had llamas to keep the horse company. We had chickens for the eggs, goats for the milk, rabbits, dogs, ducks, and sheep. Each one of these animals had names and was like a family member. I miss having pets, but my passion and love for animals haven’t changed. So I use my voice and designs to raise money and awareness for endangered species worldwide with the help of the Wild Tomorrow Fund!

What’s your number one fashion tip for the everyday working girl?
JC: Wear clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Instead of following trends, make them! Choose to wear brands that align with your values.

What would you like your fans to know?
JC: Watch out for the launch of my new Naked Species collection! It is out now. I hope you all love the retro outer space collection as much as I do! With every purchase, you’ll receive a baby sloth stuffed animal!