Dr. Michael Newman: From Medical School, Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever and the Future of Plastic Surgery

To be a doctor or a medical professional means to continuously be of service to others, for their well-being in the long run, and to live a long, happy life. With a dedication to studying whatever specialties there are in the medical field, compassion follows the moment you acquire that MD title and take that first official step in the hospital.

When we think of compassion and dedication, we think of Dr. Michael Newman. A physician in plastic surgery with a selfless heart to give back, we sat down with him to talk more about his journey and his personal advocacies for the community.

Q: Dr Michael, it is a pleasure to speak to you. As one of Hollywood’s premier plastic surgeons, how did your journey start when you entered the medical field? Who inspired you to pursue your practice?
Dr. Michael Newman: Definitely, my uncle is a big inspiration who specializes in fertility. As for my interest in medicine overall, it was solidified through volunteering in a medical clinic at UCLA. I liked interacting with patients as a provider and making a difference in their lives.

Q: Now that you are well-known and respected in the industry, what were some hurdles you experienced when you first started? What secrets can you share in building your identity?
Dr. Michael Newman: I looked quite young for my age which made patients hesitant to trust me with the latest innovations I had, and it took time to get the word out about who I was and my skills. Fortunately, the snowball effect began when a few patients expressed satisfaction with their results. The bottom line is if you do a great job, success will follow.

Q: Plastic surgery has quite a reputation. Some people would consider getting little work done, but others view it negatively. How would you explain its pros to others?
Dr. Michael Newman: Good plastic surgery has results that aren’t obvious. If you can look at someone and tell that they had plastic surgery, then it probably wasn’t done well or the patient pushed the surgeon to do more than what was recommended. That is why plastic surgery is viewed negatively because of the bad results. To avoid this, consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Q: As a man who is always on the move with his practice and initiatives, such as the Breast Friends Forever Annual Run, how do you keep yourself centered and grounded?
Dr. Michael Newman: Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Because of that, I’m proud to be a part of the Breast Friend’s Forever Annual BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Run/Walk as a board member. The event is hosted by the non-profit group Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever in Los Angeles, designed to increase awareness about breast cancer and reconstruction. We interact with the many breast cancer survivors, family members, and other participants while exercising and burning off some stress.

Q: Tell us more about the advocacy and philosophy of Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever as one of the group’s board members.
Dr. Michael Newman: Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever began thanks to breast cancer survivor Evelyn, a nurse at the hospital and my patient. Going through her breast cancer journey, she realized there was a need for support for patients and their families. She started the organization to provide that needed emotional support through fun social events, rather than clinical round table-type settings. The organization has since expanded to include financial support to cover medical expenses for patients undergoing breast reconstruction.

Q: Many women suffer from the mental after-effects of breast cancer, which affects someone’s confidence. How do you help patients and survivors cope with it healthily?
Dr. Michael Newman: Going through breast cancer can be emotionally overwhelming. They can develop within healthy women, with young children at home, jobs and relationships to maintain. Being taken away from all of that for numerous medical appointments, surgeries, and post-operative recovery time is extremely disruptive and taxing.

Breast cancer treatment involves the removal of part or all of the breast, which can be very disfiguring and lower one’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are many breast reconstruction techniques available to help restore breast shape. So I encourage patients to try and focus on the positives, such as that breast cancer not being life-threatening and that most patients do return to near-normal appearance after reconstruction. I also encourage patients to join support groups similar to Evelyn’s Breast Friends Forever and to mainly take care of yourselves.

Q: Lastly, do you have any projects that are coming up that you want everyone to know about?
Dr. Michael Newman: Fat can be used instead of implants for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction thanks to the advanced technology available. This is known as Forever Breast surgery since the fat lasts forever. Techniques for fat transfer continue to evolve, and we are at the forefront of this evolution for our patients.

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